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Engulfed in the bounty of nature, accentuated by the flowering blossom’s fragrance, blended miraculously in the crisp of the air, Palakkad is a place, surrounded lush green paddy fields, and grove of palm trees, it is one of the most picturesque districts of Kerala also known as the gateway of Kerala, is an inviting get-away from the hustle bustle of daily life.

Palakkad, known for its beauty and bounty and is a much sought-after tourist destination. This border district,. It makes a perfect setting for a relaxing vacation.

Kapilavasthu’s warm hospitality and serene ambience, catering to a pure vegetarian cuisine awaits you at the heart of Palakkad town. This beautiful patch of land has verdant mountains, forests, and fertile valleys, rivers and water streams and is endowed with rich flora and fauna. Known as the Gateway to Kerala, Palakkad is melting pot of various religions and cultures. There are various historical monuments, shrines and natural tourist spots in Palakkad of which the imposing Hyder Ali Fort, Chittur Gurumadam, Kalpathy Temple, Kalpathy Heritage Village, Noorani Gramam, Pattambi Nercha, Malampuzha are noteworthy ones.